The Yummy Co Story

Remember how simple and uncomplicated life was when you were a child? Hello.
My name is Jody Turner and I am the founder and Owner of Yummy Co. I remember so
many sweet memories I had as a child growing up in Ottawa.
I’m pretty sure I inherited my sweet tooth from my Grand Father who was a master
candy maker back in the day. I was always chewing on bazooka, licking Lik’em Aid
powder off my finger or chopping on a brick of sticky sponge toffee. I grew up in a
time when penny candy was a thing. I ate candy almost everyday. It was a HUGE
part of my childhood and perhaps I share your love for candy and many of the
childhood stories that candy evokes.

Born and raised in Ontario, I relocated to Calgary with my son in 1998. I wanted my son
to experience some of the same sweet pleasures I had as a child and what better way to do
that than a trip to a candy store! I quickly discovered Calgary lacked a candy shop to
speak of so after a short time, I started up Yummy Co. First I traveled to many tradeshows and seasonal markets showcasing my nostalgic sweets. People loved my candy so much they asked where my store was. Realizing I could actually make a sweet business for myself, I opened Yummy Co.’s doors in 2001 and now Yummy Co. is the oldest candy shop in Calgary and stands in the beltline district of Calgary today. It was and still is my mission to bring back the simple joys of childhood. I suppose I don’t just sell candy…. I sell the memories associated with candy.

Over the last two decades Yummy Co. has given me the opportunity to meet all kinds of
people from the very young to the very old. It still puts a smile on my face when I see
another happy customer walk out of my store with a bag full of memories and a smile on
their face. This is why I love doing what I do. Those young customers have grown up
with children of their own and now they bring their kids to the store so they too can
experience what it should feel like to be a kid!! Life just doesn’t get any sweeter than
that for me.

If I’m not lucky enough to meet you in person to take a stroll down “memory lane” then
no worries, that is why I decided to offer hundreds of nostalgic candies and sweets from
your childhood right here in one easy-to-use online experience.  I have created this
website especially for you and your shopping pleasure!

It is my wish that your visit and experience with Yummy Co. is a memorable one. You
are just a "click away" from stirring up visions of your yesteryears. So sit back, relax and
take a moment out of your busy adulthood and go back in time to your childhood when
life was simple and the candy was exceptional!

Please know that if you can't find your all time favourite candy here then you are
welcome to drop us a note.  If it's still made today, chances are we can get it and
deliver it straight to your door! Email us at:

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